Gotland Sheep Products

We have Whitehall Farm Honiton’s Gotland Sheep fleece ready for sale to hand spinners and/or felters. Our fleeces are especially suitable for hand spinners as the sheep are not dipped and no chemicals are used on the fleece. All belly wool is excluded, the fleece is well skirted and with no vegetable matter or mud they are of excellent quality to spin in the grease if that is a requirement.

The Gotland fleece is soft and lustrous and can be spun up as required for knitting or weaving. We use our own wool to produce hand knitted items, only a few examples of which are shown here. By selecting the natural shades of the Gotland fleece attractive patterns can be created as shown in the roll of cloth on the left.

As well as being a beautiful fleece for the hand spinner, Gotland fleece is one of the few that felts easily. The natural colours and attractive staple are used for felt art work such as that shown left in Andrea Bailey’s “Ewe with Lamb” wall hanging. Gotland fleece produces a felt with high density and strength which hardens well, compared to Marino, making it especially suitable for products such as Nanny Glerup’s boots and slippers as shown right.

Whitehall Farm Gotland Sheep Products

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